Urssaf Service Firmes Etrangères

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 The accident rate (accident at work) for the year 2023 is 1.04%.

For VRPs, the AT 511TG rate is set at 1.10%.

In May 1st 2023, the amount of the legally required minimum wage (SMIC) has been raised up to :

  • hourly gross smic : 11,52 euros,
  • gross smic, on a month basis (35 hours a week) : 1 747,20 euros.

Contributions to vocational training and the training levy

In accordance with Article L.6131-1 of the Labor Code, employers whose company does not have a place of business in France (referred to in Article L243-1-2 of the French Social Security Code) are not liable for contributions to vocational training and the training levy.