Urssaf Service Firmes Etrangères

The Foreign Firms Slip ("Titre Firmes Etrangéres"/ TFE)


This optional solution is free of charge and cuts down on your employment-related paperwork so you spend less time on administrative management of your employees.

Your social security contributions will be calculated automatically and you will be able to publish your employees' payslips the day after their pay information has been entered.




To join TFE, you will first have to register with our foreign firms department (SFE) to get a Siret number.

Once you have your Siret number, a 72-hour waiting period applies before you can sign up online for TFE.


We offer two methods of payment

  • Direct debit if you have a bank account in the SEPA area
  • International bank transfer, which will need to go through on the date that appears on your contribution statement.




You are not eligible for TFE if :


  • Reduced-rate contributions apply (traveling sales representatives, artists, short-term entertainment industry contract workers ("intermittents du spectacle," journalists, selfemployed door-to-door sales representatives)
  • You employ professional air crew in Civil Aviation


⇒ If any of the above circumstances apply, you are required to use the DSN electronic payroll reporting system (avec lien) .