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For any information please log on to www.urssaf.fr or contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The accident rate 511TH (accident at work) for the year 2024 is 0.77%.

For VRP, the AT 511TG rate is set at 0.96%.

Contributions to vocational training and the training levy

In accordance with Article L.6131-1 of the Labor Code, employers whose company does not have a place of business in France (referred to in Article L243-1-2 of the French Social Security Code) are not liable for contributions to vocational training and the training levy.

Deletion of representative status for foreign companies

From March 1st, 2024, the status of representative for a foreign company will be deleted (except for the pharmaceutical industry).

Are you a social representative wondering about this evolution? If you have any questions, please contact the Urssaf Foreign Companies Service at 0 806 802 633 (free service + call charge) or from abroad at +33 8 06 80 26 33.


You are a non-French undertaking with no establishment in France and employing one or more employees in France.
You are a non-French national employing domestic or private staff in France.


These employees must be registered with the French social security scheme and you must finance their social protection by declaring and paying the corresponding contributions.


The Urssaf Foreign Companies Service is your contact for handling your administrative procedures.


The Urssaf Foreign Companies Service fulfils the same role as the CFE and collects social contributions from:


- Non-French undertakings with no establishment in France which employ one or more employees in France;

- Those undertakings falling within the scope of application of Regulation EEC 883/2004 and Regulation EEC 987/2009 regarding the situation of employees with multiple activities, according to the situations regarding criteria for residence or substantial activity, including performing artistes;

- Cases where applications to maintain cover under the social scheme of the country of origin (secondment*) have been rejected as being not valid.


Companies not concerned: