Urssaf Service Firmes Etrangères



You employ sales representatives working for several firms (VRP) and who come under the French social security system. Thus, following their activity they are under the legal status of an employee. You must declare and pay social contributions to the URSSAF foreign firms department.

For your registration formalities and the allocation by INSEE of an identification number (Siret) and for the opening of a contributor account with the URSSAF foreign firms department, you must complete the EE0 form.


Your declarations of social security contributions

To declare your social security contributions, you must use the DSN.

The DSN allows you to:

- Declare and pay all the social contributions,

- Transmit data concerning your employees to other social organizations, in order to secure their rights to health insurance, unemployment, retirement, etc.


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The workplace accident rate to be applied

The risk code for the workplace accident rate (AT) to apply for your sales representatives is 511TG.

The rate is set at 0.96% for 2024.

You must use the CTP 300 specific to sales representatives. This code is updated automatically to take into account the updated the workplace accident rate.