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The information that is gathered by way of the questionnaires available on the Foreign Companies Service’s website is saved to a computer file by “Urssaf d’Alsace” and the Foreign Companies Service.

We are required by law to share your personal information which we gather through our online and/or paper forms with the Foreign Companies Service in order to fulfill our public service function of collecting social security contributions and charges. This information is gathered for the sole purpose of enabling us to fulfil your request for a service and/or information and to process your declarations.

The information that is marked with an asterisk in the questionnaire is mandatory. If you fail to submit it, we will be unable to process your request. You can choose not to submit your personal information; however, this will preclude you from using our online services, including requesting information on the Foreign Companies Service or signing up for our newsletters.

The information gathered is shared only with the following parties : the Foreign Companies Service’s in – house departments and Urssaf d’Alsace.

The Foreign Companies Service will only store your information for as long as required in order to carry out the operations for which it was gathered, and in a manner compliant with currently applicable law.

Any personal data that is gathered through your use of the Foreign Companies Service’s online services will be processed according to secure IT and physical protocols.

You have the following rights under France’s Data Freedom law of January 6, 1978, and/or under France’s General Data Protection Regulalion of May 25, 2018 :


  • To ask whether the Foreign Companies Service has any information on you on file, and to ask the Foreign Companies Service to disclose this information to you in full (right of access);
  • To restrict how your personal information is processed if you consider that it is being processed in an illegal or excessive manner (right to restrict processing). However, this right is not absolute and the Foreign Companies Service may decide to continue processing your information.
  • To request that any inaccurate information that appears in your file be corrected (right of correction).
  • To object to your inclusion in one of the Foreign Companies Service’s files (right to object), where applicable and for legitimate reasons. This right is not absolute and the Foreign Companies Service may be required to store some of your information, in particular in order to carry out its public service functions.
  • To request that your information be deleted from of the Foreign Companies Service’s files (right to be forgotten), where applicable and unless otherwise prescribed by law. This right is not absolute and the Foreign Companies Service may be required to store some of your information, in particular in order to carry out its public service functions.
  • To determine what will happen to your information after your death.


You can exercise your rights by sending an email to our data protection contact person at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by sending a letter to Urssaf’s head office at the following address: Urssaf Alsace, TSA 60003, 38046 GRENOBLE CEDEX (make sure to specify that you are contacting our data freedom department (“service informatique et libertés”), along with your last name, first and any middle name(s), mailing address, and email address(es).

If you still believe that your rights under the French “Data Freedom” law are being violated once you have contacted us, you can send a complaint to the French data protection authority (CNIL).

CNIL can provide additional information or process your complaint.


For additional details: https://www.acoss.fr/home/politique-de-confidentialite.htm